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Valerie L. Burrell CPA, CA

Associate Partner

  • I have been operating my public accounting firm since 1999.

  • I focus my attention on providing our clients with excellent service.

  • I invite you to call our firm and meet with me to determine if our services can satisfy your business needs.

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Teena Gerry

Accounting Technician,

Internal Accounting

  • Teena joined our team in July 2011.

  • Teena has a diversified background starting her career in accounting but then choosing a career as an educational assistant while her children were growing.

  • Teena originally grew up in Mannville, AB but currently resides in Olds.

valbpc_2021Dec06_0115 - Tiffany 2.jpg

Tiffany Sperling 

Data Processing &

Accounting Technician

  • Tiffany has worked in a few different public accounting firms and is pursuing her accounting education through Athabasca University.

  • Tiffany grew up in northern Alberta and now resides in Olds where she enjoys spending time with her family.

  • Tiffany joined our team in September 2014.

valbpc_2021Dec06_0216 - Becky 1.jpg

Becky Kaiser

Office Administrator

  • Becky joined our team in September 2009.

  • Becky's quick smile welcomes you in as she expertly considers your needs and directs you to the right team member.

  • Becky was raised in the Sundre area and has settled down here. 

valbpc_2021Dec06_0100 - Tanya 1.jpg

Tanya Lemon, MSE

Data Processing &

Accounting Technician

  • Tanya joined our team in September 2013.

  • Tanya has a Masters of Science degree in Engineering from Moscow Mining University and a Business Management Certificate from SAIT.

  • Tanya grew up in Russia but moved to Alberta where she has settled with her family.

Krista Codner 

Office Administration

  • Krista joined our team in March 2023.

  • Krista has an Executive Office Administration Diploma from the College of the North Atlantic.  

  • Krista grew up in Corner Brook, Newfoundland but recently settled down in Sundre.  

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