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If you would like to make a payment on your account using an e-Transfer, send your payment to and call Becky with the password.


DID YOU KNOW? The Government of Canada has introduced an underused housing tax (UHT) as of January 1, 2022.  This tax is on the ownership of vacant or underused housing in Canada.  The UHT imposes a 1% annual tax on the value of residential real estate considered to be vacant or underused that is owned on December 31st of each year, unless you qualify as an excluded owner or claim exceptions allowed under the UHTA. Even if tax is not payable, the UHT Election form needs to be filed. This filing requirement applies to individuals who are not citizens of Canada, private corporations and partnerships. It may apply to you. Penalties are large. Check to make sure you are not affected.


The time has come... the federal government is requiring that all business owners in Canada have a MyBusiness Account to be able to perform many functions associated with their tax accounts. Trusted professional advisors used to be able to act on your behalf in almost all situations but this is no longer the case without your online consent. Do not delay, sign up today!

MyBusiness Account at the Canada Revenue Agency

We can help with:

~ Business decisions   ~ Corporate income tax   

~ Compilation financial information  ~ Payroll  ~ GST/HST

~ Personal income tax   ~ QuickBooks desktop   ~ Xero  ~ Bookkeeping

We talk to the Canada Revenue Agency so you don't have to and that gives you peace of mind. Call for an appointment today.

Offering audit insurance to our clients for professional fees related to Canada Revenue Agency audit and examination.

Offering in-person service

However you may also want to take advantage of:

  • Virtual meetings via phone or Zoom if it is more convenient for you

  • Remote desktop support and assistance

What we ask of you:

  • Stay home if you are sick and call to re-book your appointment


Still have COVID-19 financial questions?

Check out our COVID-19 Information page. 

 Are you a U.S. Citizen?  Make sure you file your U.S. tax returns by the deadline. 

Please contact us for information about US tax filings.

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