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Last day to bring your information for a guaranteed completion by the filing deadline is April 16, 2024.
Don’t forget to check the checklists to ensure you have all documents and receipts for your filing! If you require a different checklist, please click here.
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DID YOU KNOW? There are new reporting rules aimed at providing more transparency on beneficial ownership of assets.  Trusts that previously didn’t need to file are now required to file a trust tax return, also known as a T3 return.  The rules have been expanded to include cases where a trust acts as an agent for its beneficiaries, commonly known as a Bare Trust. 

Late Breaking - Bare Trust Reporting Exemption!

“To support ongoing efforts to ensure the effectiveness and integrity of Canada’s tax system, the Government of Canada introduced new reporting requirements for trusts.


In recognition that the new reporting requirements for bare trusts have had an unintended impact on Canadians, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will not require bare trusts to file a T3 Income Tax and Information Return (T3 return), including Schedule 15 (Beneficial Ownership Information of a Trust), for the 2023 tax year, unless the CRA makes a direct request for these filings.


Over the coming months, the CRA will work with the Department of Finance to further clarify its guidance on this filing requirement. The CRA will communicate with Canadians as further information becomes available.”


For more information, see CRA’s Tax Tip .



The federal government is requiring that all business owners in Canada have a MyBusiness Account to be able to perform many functions associated with their tax accounts. Trusted professional advisors used to be able to act on your behalf in almost all situations but this is no longer the case without your online consent. Do not delay, sign up today!

MyBusiness Account at the Canada Revenue Agency

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Offering audit insurance to our clients for professional fees related to Canada Revenue Agency audit and examination.

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 Are you a U.S. Citizen?  Make sure you file your U.S. tax returns by the deadline. 

We recommend an excellent local firm to assist with your US tax filings.

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